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Radiation Biology

Radiation biology

Individualized cancer therapy is our main field of research. The following research groups are dealing with the different topics and we are studying here:


Individual radiation sensitivity

We're studying:

  • patients' blood in order to analyse their individual radiation sensitivity and to be able to give a recommendation for the use of doses duiring radiation treatment.
  • Various methods to predict individual radiation sensitivity quickly and reliably.
  •  Prediction of radiation sensitivity by skin fibroblasts after bone marrow transplantation.
  • What significance does age have for radiation sensitivity

Interactions of inhibitors and ionizing radiation

  • Clinical and preclinical studies on the interactions of modern tumor therapeutics and ionizing radiation.

Inflammatory cells as prognostic markers

  • Importance of different inflammatory cells for the prognosis of patients with tumours.
  • Interactions of different inflammatory cells and their functional activity.

Phagocytosis by non-professional phagocytes

  • Both tumor cells and normal tissue cells can phagocytise other cells under appropriate conditions.
  • What are the mechanisms underlying non-professional phagocytosis.
  • What is the significance of non-professional phagocytosis in tumor tissue for the prognosis

Quality of life of patients with oncological disease

  • The quality of life of young patients compared to older ones.
  • The influence of sport, religiousness and nutrition.
  • The influence of the family environment