Image of the month 2017


Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Fietkau

Bild des Monats Dezember 2017

Skin stained by E-Cadherine,
Jacob Seeberg

Bild des Monats November 2017

Lonely T cell in a glioblastoma tumor,
Alexander Zorob

Bild des Monats Oktober 2017

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Bild des Monats September 2017

A piece of skin tissue with one green CD45+ leucocyte between E-Cadherine (red) stained cell membranes of keratinocytes and dapi stained (blue) cell nuclei.
Jacob Seeberg

Bild des Monats August 2017

A piece of skin tissue with two mitotic cells which have just divided. Cell membranes are stained by E-Cadherine and cell nuclei by Dapi.
Jacob Seeberg

Bild des Monats Juli 2017

Two mitotic cells and one cell-in-cell structure
Doris Mehler und Elisabeth Müller

Bild des Monats Juni 2017

DNA histogram of malignant melanoma cells treated by the B-Raf inhibitor Encorafenib and ionizing radiation.
Mirjam Steck

Bild des Monats Mai 2017

Multiple colour change in chromosome 1 and 2
Barbara Schuster

Bild des Monats April 2017

Head and neck cancer with multiple cell-in-cell structures
Hannah Schencker

Bild des Monats März 2017

A "hedgehog" cell
Barbara Schuster

Bild des Monats Februar 2017

Pancreatic cancer cells cytoskeleton (alpha Tubulin red) and nuclei stained by dapi (blue). Proliferating cells are marked by Ki67 (green). All cells are proliferating (Ki67+) and three cells are mitotic.
Christina Engert

Bild des Monats Januar 2017

Fibroblasts cytoskeleton stained by alpha Tubulin (green), nuclei stained by dapi (blue) and dead cells stained red by an live cell stain.
Luitpold Distel